Welcome to 3rdMark

3rdMark is an independent third party marketing and consulting firm, founded in 2006, whose primary role is to help investment managers establish and develop institutional client relationships and ultimately to achieve their revenue and funds under management objectives in the Australian and New Zealand institutional investment management market.

About 3rdMark

3rdMark’s vision is to build long-term relationships with clients based on Trust, Understanding and Loyalty. We view clients as both the investment managers who we agree to represent as well as the buyers of investment management services. Our philosophy is that just making a sale is not the path to success for our business and that the true test of business success is the development and maintenance of long-term relationships that stand the test of time and market cycles.


Our business philosophy

An important part of the implementation of this business philosophy is complete transparency in the relationship with frequent and honest communication with our clients. We believe in choosing our clients carefully and limiting potential conflicts of interest as a foundation for long-term relationships. This means:

We do not simultaneously market competitive investment strategies

We limit the number of managers we represent at any given time.

Investor needs determine who we choose to represent.

We personally invest in managers we represent.